The World


an addictive drug made from the root of a plant. This is chewed but not swallowed. If swallowed it causes vomiting.


Fey war leader who discovered the ritual to BLOOD his followers. This leaves them Albino in appearance and mortal. Bound his soul to a tree of life and a demon. Unable to die he has waited since his defeat in exile planning his revenge. Cannot die until Tree is destroyed and demon removed from this plane.


A group of Fey demons surviving in the world between discovered a ritual during the great war that allowed them to take over the body of a magic user and use it as a marionette for their own purposes. Control is only available between dusk and dawn. The have powers of Haste, Jump, Strength, Change Face and Invisible. These are at the same cost of PP as the same spell. The creatures cannot tap powerpoints as normal but by drinking the blood of victims they can use these to convert HP on a 2/1 basis. They get their own HP 1/1 in the same manner.


Before the great war it was possible for magic users to use the trees of life to travel great distances. The Fey and dwarves know of this magic but the world of men has lost much. Some of the nexus points (directly above a tree or where the roots of two trees meet) were enhanced with portals to allow easier travel. These can still be found and used by men who know what to look for. A bridge appears that crosses to the open portal on the other side. The bridge is protected from the nothingness around by a glassy spinning mist. Demons cannot inhabit this place.


A group formed at the same time as the Sisters of Mercy. When the first sister created a home for widows and orphans it was a time of great flux. The home could not have stood if it were not for the work of the Brotherhood and the Gardener. It is thought that the Gardener may have been a Knight-Mage in the great war. It is thought that the young men were the orphaned sons and brothers of those that the first sister had taken in. Certainly those young men that he trained gave their lives to protected the Sisters for many generations. It is not well known but ALL the members of the Brotherhood can use magic. This magic is restricted for use on themselves but even so they are an effective fighting force in a world where magic is almost unknown.


Short range versions of a bridge. Requires enchanted portals at either end within a single nexus. There is a gap of nothing (the world between) which increases in length between the opened portals depending on the physical distance between portals. Demons can make their way into the real world through a large unprotected gateway.


Dwarves who live in mountains. Great sages and enchanters. Helped mankind in great war and devised circle that bound demon. Live in mountainous regions. First home discovered by man was Dwear’Fa and this was corrupted by man to Dwarf. Very very long lived but not immortal.


Race that once lived on continent with Fey and Dwear until man came. Almost 2000 years ago the primitive hillmen came and fought with the Orcash for the lands that men now call the old kingdom. Being at a huge disadvantage at being unable to use magic they were driven north to the lands of the Fey and Dwear. They fought with the Dwear because they lived in underground structures as the Dwear do. They proved no match for the Dwear and were forced to take to the sea in search of a new home. The Orcash have returned. In their new land they found peaceful humans who they immediately subjugated. The War Chiefs saw that these humans could do magic and started to breed strong Orcash with these humans to create warriors who could use magic as there enemies could. The chiefs grew frustrated at their inability to breed the magic use into their army and at the number of still borns. Only if the breeding was Man to Orcash female did the possibility exist for a magic user. These children were also more cunning and intelligent than their primitive parents. Over the centuries these children grew to be revered as the leaders of the Orcash. Some 99% of these half breeds are male but the females that are born and survive are amongst the strongest of mages among the Orcash. Malthustra has discovered the Orcash and has tried to enlist their help but the Orcash are mistrusting of everyone. Most Orcash live for around 30 years. The half breeds live for 150 years. Another reason that the Orcash revere them. The Humash (human/Orcash) are sterile crossbreeds of male Human and female Orcash (1% not sterile).

Sisters of Mercy

One group who have retained their magical knowledge are the Sisters of Mercy. Formed after the great war by a widow the Sisters take no part in politics and help any who request it. Their magics are focused on healing the body and mind. Many politicos have tried to force the Sisters to take sides in their petty wars but the strict guidelines laid out by the first sister have never been broken. Partly this is due to the protection of the Brotherhood. The stories go that when the first sister set up a sanctuary for all widows and orphans of the war the female children were taught by the sisters and the male children were taught by her gardener. Most Sisters are widows with grown up children. Perhaps in the beginning girls were taught magics but in the modern sisterhood only widows or spinsters are accepted.

Trees of Life

Huge subterranean trees with white trunks and silver leaves. These trees are the source of all magic. They draw magic from deep within the earth and release this for all to use. The trees are linked by roots far beneath the earth. The knowledge has been lost but it is possible to travel along these roots from one tree to the next. Passing hundreds or thousands of miles in a heartbeat. Malthustra knows of this magic as it was taught to him by the demon he summoned. It was this he used to transport his army from the new world to strike the humans in the old world. The trees are intelligent and can manifest themselves as avatars in human/fey whatever form they choose.


Magic is very rare, those that are found to have the gift are taken into the military or the priesthood. The King and Queen each have three mages that protect them. This is the King’s and Queen’s Triad. It is a position of influence and power.

The World

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