the beginning

Not much is remembered before the war with the Fey but I will recall what I know of that time to this.

Mankind started to expand from the East and started to encounter the other races. First the Dwear (Dwarves) who they traded with for Iron weapons and then the Fey. The Fey are immortal and thought little of the arrival of such a short lived race as man. Then more men came and those that had arrived bred at an alarming rate. They cut down the forests to make room for more of the infestation as they saw it and eventually the Fey leaders drew a line in the sand. No man may come further than here, and 20ft poles were driven into the ground and markers of feathers and skulls of small animals tied atop them.

Man did not heed the warning and entered the land. The Fey prepared for war. Initially Man was pushed back but their sheer force of numbers in the end forced the Fey from the continent. They set up a new home on a continent known only to them. Man grew smarter over the centuries and discovered Magic under the tutelage of the Dwear. They travelled to the new land and found the Fey once again.

The Fey had met with more of their kind and when man came the war began again. The Fey were more prepared and it took many years for man to get a foothold in the new world but he did so. Then he began to expand, the Fey grew desperate and some of the more radical members sought dangerous magic. To reinforce their armies one of the Fey, Malthustra, started to summon Demons. The Fey started to win. There was a split in the Fey and a large number refused to fight with Malthustra and his Demons. Malthustra summoned more demons and stronger than before to bolster the ranks of his army. Man was driven from the new world.

Malthustra summoned a demon capable of transporting his army across the ocean. The demon could not be controlled but a deal was struck and Malthustra and those Fey that followed him were changed into Albino’s called the Bloodied and lost their immortality. What the deal was no one is quite sure but the other Fey were disgusted. Malthustra launched his new army at man. Man lost almost everything in the war. A Knight-Mage called Arn rose to the challenge and with the remnants of the army fought Malthustra’s demons to a standstill, he was named the High King by all the nations still large enough to be called such. Arn realised that Malthustra and the great demon that followed him were linked and that Malthustra was vulnerable if the demon could be eliminated. He spoke with the dwear who devised a circle of binding to hold the demon fixed in time. This was powerful magic, blood magic. A sacrifice was required. Arn could ask no other to do this. The demon was lured to Dain’Fa, a castle in the hills near Dwear’Fa the home of the Dwear (Dwarves) and when it thought that it had cornered Arn in his throne room – Arn took his own life and trapped the demon inside. Malthustra was weakened as was his control of the demon army but he was still winning. An unusual thing then happened. Malthustra’s army was attacked by the Fey. Weakened of his control of the demons his army fell apart and was driven into the sea.

Malthustra was never found but among his supporters he was now treated as an ascended. His cult was born.

When the Dwear heard what had happened in Dain’Fa the eldest among them, a seer, spoke prophecy. “The earth shall shake with the death of man’s bane and his soulmate shall once more walk among men and bring chaos in its wake.”

1000 years have passed and the world of man has grown again and in the new world Fey and Man live in peace if not harmony. Dainfa is enclosed in an impenetrable bubble and all is well in the world.

Then the earth shook and those in the capital of Abbanol looked south to the mountains and wondered what might come down from Dainfa. A group of mages, the Queens Guard was sent to see what had happened. They discovered the bubble gone and in Dainfa itself they found only the burned body of Arn pinned to the floor by his magical sword Tieden and three-toed footprints burned into the stone below a hole in the ceiling. The sword of the High King was rumoured to only allow the rightful heir to touch it. This proved to be correct. Since then nothing has been seen of the demon.

the beginning

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