Adventure Ideas

Mercurio’s son is the savour who will try to dominate the world with the help of Thorvaldsland. He is Arn reborn. Mercurio’s son is the Evil one that will try to dominate the world with the help of Thorvaldsland. He is Thorvald reborn.

Daughter-heirs are a Human/Orcash cross breed. Will grow to be very strong in magic. One is channelling and the other essence.

Geurin is son of King of Abbanol, sent back in time to save his life. Could contain the soul of Malthustra. Soul is blocking memories of previous life. Geurin confronts Nanny with child. Can’t bring himself to kill her, he sees child and realises that the child is him. He can’t kill the woman because she is the closest thing to a mother that he has ever known. Why did he go back in time and why did it cost him an eye? The Eye was destroyed during ritual. It was passageway for Malthustra to enter body of Geurin. Eyes are window to the soul. Geurin is who the demon is searching for. Once Malthustra spirit leaves Geurin he and any of his offspring are immune to magic from Malthustra.

The Humash (human/Orcash) are sterile crossbreeds of male Human and female Orcash (1% not). They have the ability to use magic unlike the Orcash. They are also long lived ~150 years. Both male and female children are known but male children are far more common.

Malthustra is dead. His body died when the Tree of life that he was joined to was destroyed. His soul was saved and moved to the body of Barannik’s heir, Geurin. The child was covered in tattoos for the ritual but these disappear when the ritual is complete.

The Starling comes to the group and asks them to swap children. He has a young boy of Mercurio’s sons age. The boy is to be used as bait while the real son is taken to safety by Freya and the Forkbeard. The characters agree to protect him and are chased around the world by agents. Find a safe haven at the edge of the world. Help a village survive and grow. They boy grows up in the village not knowing the abilities of the men raising him. One day the farm they live on is attacked by Fey. All characters die in a blaze of glory knee deep in Fey blood and the boy (and any family) escapes.

Start new game with boy and some friends from village as characters. Maybe sons and daughters of the original characters. Any offspring of Geurin are immune to Malthustra’s magic. Boy is actually the son of the Starling. He has a medallion of a copper coin. This identifies him to other Gatherers and their agents as one of their own.

Adventure Ideas

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